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Lost Ark: Three hard-to-unlock achievements
Jul 09, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

As one of the essential mechanisms of MMORPG, achievements can not only visually present the game progress to players but also motivate players to continue to improve in the game. So for Lost Ark players, unlocking achievements is also an important part of the game.

Players will also be given corresponding titles after completing achievements. To a certain extent, obtaining these titles means recognition of your patience and ability, and it can bring a series of rewards such as Lost Ark Gold and gear.

Here is our list of three achievements that players consider to be difficult to unlock, and which may require more attention when we are facing with their challenges:

1. Invincible Army - Clear Chaos Gate without anyone dying.

This achievement is undoubtedly the one that needs to be placed first, as it is the most difficult achievement in Lost Ark to complete. As a fierce multi-boss raid, Chaos Gate has very high randomness, and players cannot predict what kind of boss they will encounter, so it is very difficult to survive in this environment.

But it is not impossible to improve the possibility of completing it. Players need to choose the way of team fighting as much as possible. The friends and guild partners gathered to coordinate the battle will make the achievement of this achievement more likely.

2. Survival Expert - Clear 20 Abyss Raids Without Using Battle Items.

As a challenging and fun game mode, Abyss Raid has been popular with players since its release. Reaching the achievement of Survival Expert requires players to defeat the Raid boss many times without Battle Items, which is a test of players' patience and practical ability.

However, there are also a small number of players who are familiar with the mechanism of Abyss Raid and use the consumables dropped during the use of the strategy to strengthen it. After many attempts, they unlocked this achievement.

3. Boss Hunter: Expert - Defeat Field Bosses: Black Chicking, White Chicking, True Batuark, Gorka Grosse, Savnak, Erasmo.

One of the reasons why the Lost Ark is famous is that it is full of various monsters and bosses. Unlocking the Boss Hunter: Expert achievement seems like a good goal for players keen to beat bosses.

This achievement requires players to defeat six wild bosses located in different regions, and defeating them all requires players to work hard. And they all randomly generate speed when starting a match, so luck may be the key to making this match easier or not.

All in all, these achievements are relatively difficult to unlock because they require multiple attempts by the player to complete them, but it is this challenging task that makes us have fun in Lost Ark.

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