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MH Rise Guide: Where To Hunt Down And Farm Novacrystal?
Apr 12, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

If you are a player of Monster Hunter Rise and are looking for relevant game news or guides, then MMOWTS will provide all the details about MH Rise. This article will show you how to farm Novacrystal effectively.

About Novacrystal

Novacrystal is a High-Rank resource used for various weapons and armors, so it is a wise choice to always store it in advance. Once you reach a higher rank, you should consider farming these resources.

We will introduce the specific locations of Novacrystal in detail and tell you how to collect as many things as possible.

Where to find Novacrystal?

Novacrystal is a hard-to-obtain resource. Part of the reason is that you can only find it in high-rank quests. If you do not start a high-rank quest, then no matter what you do, Novacrystal will not appear. If you haven't been able to unlock high-rank quests, you can only focus on unlocking them for now.

Novacrystal location

If you are already in the High Rank, you can start to get some Novacrystals. Novacrystal will be spawned from mining nodes in Flooded Forest, but as a rare item, Novacrystals are very rare when coming from blue nodes. When coming from white nodes, there will be a little more common. White nodes will be more difficult to find but will provide better rewards.

How to farm?

Carry out high-rank quests or adventures in Flooded Forest. The first is the white mining node. It is much easier to get there from the Flooded Forest sub camp, so you can go there quickly.

Next are the blue nodes, but they are unlikely to provide Novacrystal, but they are easy to find and mine.

Two white nodes and one blue node are hidden in the upper levels of the large temple. You can climb to the entrance room by using your wirebugs and sprinting on the walls. To open the top door of the temple, you need to use a Large Barrel Bomb!

If you want to mine Novacrystal more efficiently, you need to use the Geologist skill, which allows you to mine from the ore nodes several times.

Novacrystal mining locations

* Flooded Forest - White Mining Nodes

* Flooded Forest - Blue Mining Nodes

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