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ACNH: Fishing Tourney Rewards, Dates, Configuration, And Specifications
Apr 13, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Spring has arrived and ACNH has organized a new tournament - "Fishing Tourney". For players in the northern hemisphere, this is the "Spring Fishing Tourney", and for players in the southern hemisphere, this is the "Autumn Fishing Tourney". This is a quarterly event, and it began on April 10 and will end in July. This is the fifth fishing Tourney organized by ACNH. To participate in the Tourney, you need to talk to C.J, after which you will enter the tournament.

Fishing Tourney Explained

The first-time entry is free, and you need to pay 500 Bells for each entry thereafter. The fishing tournament has a time limit. You need to catch as many fish as possible within 3 minutes. After the end, you will be scored based on the number of fish you catch. You can't cheat in the game, but you can use a gold fishing rod and bait to lure fish.

How to win?

Previously, the judging criteria for winning the tournament was the type and size of the fish, but now this mode has changed. In ACNH, the type and size of the fish are not important, because the number of fish you catch this time is the basis for scoring. So the more fish you catch, the better your chances of winning the tournament. So, you don't waste time catching big fish or valuable species, you just need to catch as many fish as possible. Besides, if you can collect 3 fish in 3 minutes, you can get an extra 2 points.

To win the game, you can stay near the river bank and use bait to lure the fish.


You will receive trophies and prizes as rewards. Trophies will be awarded to you based on accumulated points, and you will get gold, silver, and bronze.

  • To earn Gold Trophy - 300 points
  • To earn Silver Trophy - 200 points
  • To earn Bronze Trophy - 100 points

In addition to trophies, points can also be used to purchase special different prizes in the competition. In ACNH, there are a total of 13 prizes, each of which will cost you 10 points. So for getting these rewards, you need to catch at least 100 fish in a day's match.

Below is the complete list of prizes:

* Fish Cooler

* Fish Print

* Fish Rack

* Fish Umbrella

* Fish Wand

* Fishing Rod Stand

* Tackle Bag

* Anchor Statue

* Fish Doorplate

* Fish Pochette

* Fish-Print Tee

* Marine Pop Wallpaper

This is the more details of the fishing Tourney, so if you are interested in prizes, then actively participate in the game. As for the ACNH Bells needed to participate in the Tourney, you can come to MMOWTS to buy.

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