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WOW Classic: When Can We Transfer The Character To An Era Realm?
Apr 09, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Players of WOW Classic are about to face a difficult choice, whether to make their characters stay in the original WOW forever, or to let them progress the new content. Blizzard has completed all the content of the original game, which means that it will enter the expansion of The Burning Crusade, which will bring huge changes to the gameplay and the world.

If you choose to progress to The Burning Crusade, you will get an accurate recreation of everything that the 2007 expansion has to offer. This includes two new races: the Draenei of the Alliance and the Blood Elves of the Horde. You will also get a higher level cap and the ability to go to Outland. This is a brand new world full of new quests, raids, dungeons, and creatures.

You can also choose to just stay in Azeroth, let your character stay in the latest patch of WOW Classic, and avoid any further extended versions. All existing realms will access The Burning Crusade, and a new set of replication realms called Classic Era will retain the old content. You will need to access these servers through, and each character needs to choose between Classic Era and The Burning Crusade servers before playing the game. Another paid option is to clone characters so that they can appear on both servers at the same time.

The Classic Era realms will be launched together with The Burning Crusade and are currently scheduled to be released in 2021. However, when the objection is that you start downloading the Burning Crusade patch, you need to make a choice, whether to stay in the original Classic or move forward to the Outworld and beyond.

The decision to run multiple versions of the game at the same time attracted a lot of WOW Classic players, who would like to know how Blizzard handles the WOW Classic expansion packs. This strategy for Blizzard is a good way. WOW Classic has a vast player base, so it does a good job in response to the needs of different players.

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