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PSO2 New Genesis: The Braver Class Is Coming In August!
Aug 02, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

PSO2 New Genesis only offered fewer classes when it was launched, and promised to launch more classes. Now that this promise will be bearing out, Sega announced the next career in the game - Braver. If you are looking forward to a class that combines a little sword-play with a long-range photon weapon, then don't miss the class.

The Braver can use a katana and photon bow at the same time. The former allows for fast-paced, close-range melee combat, while the photon bow allows you to drop back a bit and still inflict consistent damage. In addition, the katana also has a PA Combo feature, which can provide three levels of action changes when you use the same photon art in succession.

This class also has a unique skill - Brave Combat, which can reduce PP consumption for a period of time and launch a powerful finishing attack when activate.

In addition, when the Braver update arrives, you will have a new side story and quest to try out. The Urgent Quest "Mining Rid Defense" will not be available until August 18, at which point you can find it in Central Aelio. Up to 8 players can join the defense to protect the mining rigs from enemies.

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