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When Will Shadowlands 9.2 Come?
Aug 04, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

WOW Shadowlands 9.2 will be the next big update of the new expansion, and maybe the last climax after the Chains of Domination patch. Below are some details about Shadowlands 9.2 collected by MMOWTS.

WOW Shadowlands 9.2 release date

With Shadowlands 9.1 landing 6 months after the launch of the expansion, you may get comfortable, because Chains of Domination will last for a long time before 9.2 arrives.

In addition to games, Blizzard also received more controversy, including sexual harassment, unfair wages, misleading investors, and other accusations, which means that Shadowlands 9.2 will not appear in a short time. We speculate that Shadowlands 9.2 will arrive in April.

WOW Players’ Wishlist

WOW Shadowlands 9.1 adds a lot of new features and content, so we have more expectations for 9.2.

Brilliant storyline

Although attracted by the beginning of Shadowlands and its unique story, things slowed down after launch with a 6-month wait for its first major update. You may only be satisfied with the aftermath of Castle Nathria, and Covenant storyline is also trying to keep players' interest lasting longer.

If developers can tie together the stories of WOW Shadowlands, it will be of great help to the historical evaluation of the entire expansion of WOW.

Continue to create raid bosses

So far, some of the most fascinating boss fights in Shadowlands are unique and bold. These battles stand out from the massive list of bosses because they can take you away from your elements and into a whole new environment. Regardless of whether the mechanics are challenging or engaging, more boss battles like Sire Denathrius, Council of Blood and Artificer Xy’mox are all moving in the right direction.

Fun atmosphere

WOW always has many tedious requirements and activities, and this problem has existed for a long time. So fans hope WOW can start to change from this aspect, let the Shadowlands content keep up with some systems.

In short, Shadowlands will attract some players. If you are also interested in the content of 9.2, it may be useful to subscribe to MMOWTS, so that once we update the relevant articles, you will know the first time. And you can also buy WOW Gold directly on MMOWTS. So paying attention to MMOWTS can make your game process smoother.

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