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The Best Character Builds Of Mona, Who Is The Water Team's Main DPS!
Nov 11, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

Mona, as a five-star character using Hyrdo, who can not desire her? She can summon waves and waterspouts to cause a lot of damage to the nearby enemies, so if you have her, you should find the best build for her, because this can better release her as a five-star hero ability.

How to get Mona?

As we all know, she is a five-star hero, so you can imagine how difficult it is to get her. You can only get her through the Wish system. If you have enough luck, she may join your team, so... Just pray.

About Mona

Mona is an astronomer, so she has a lot of magic skills, which undoubtedly provides good support for the team members. If you want to focus on her DPS, you need to increase her Elemental Damage, Elemental Recharge and Elemental Mastery. This is conducive to maximize her AOE attacks, while being able to trigger Elemental reactions with other heroes.

Best Artifacts

Any artifacts that can increase her different Elemental stats are good, so if you want to increase her Elemental Burst Damage, Noblesse Oblige is the best.

As for increasing her Elemental Recharge, Exile set is good because it can increase by 20%.

The Instructor set is also very important for Mona, it can improve her Element Mastery.

These three are very useful for Mona, so you can equip Mona with 4 pieces of any set, and you will get the most rewards.

Best Weapons

The Favonius Codex is the best weapon for it, because it will eventually generate an Element Orb, which can restore 6 Energy, and it can also trigger the quick Elemental Reaction of Electro users like Fischl, so just like the previous article mentioned, if Mona and Fischl are in the same team, then the Water Team will be very strong.

Second only to The Favonius Codex is a four-star Spellbook, which is also difficult to obtain.

So easier to get is the 3-star weapon - Otherworldly Story. It can increase Mona's ATK and Energy Restore, and it can generate Orbs, which can restore Mona's health.

Mona can become one of the most powerful heroes with the most suitable character builds, not only because she is a five-star hero, but also because she is flexible enough to help other heroes trigger Elemental Reactions to quickly knock down enemies. This is the feature other heroes do not have. Any artifact and weapon can reflect her various skills, thus making her stronger.

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