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WOW Classic: All Info About Hogger

Hogger is a low-level boss famous in the forest of WOW, but Hogger can be traced back to WOW Classic, where he is the first tough enemy you encounter in the game. He will slaughter groups of low-level players, which also makes him a popular meme in the community. He even returned in Cataclysm as one of the fearsome bosses in Stormwind Stockade.

Hogger also means a fierce battle to the players, he caused a lot of damage in an area. He can create his own terrain to set an advantage, which makes him a chaotic fighter. However, teams with continuous healing and knockback abilities can force him to leave the objective and prevent him to whittle their front lines. 


Loot Hoard

Throw a pile of junk, causing 102 damage in a small area, and lasting 5 seconds as a terrain. When it expires, a piece of Meat will be dislodged from the Hoard. Hogger can collect to recover 3% of his maximum health per second and will last for 5 seconds.

Cooldown: 20s



Rage is obtained by taking damage or causing basic attack damage. Hogger's basic ability cooldown refreshes 1% faster for every 2 points of Rage. After not gaining anger for 3 seconds, it began to decay rapidly.

Basic Abilities

Staggering Blow(Q)

Swing your chain in a wide arc, dealing 140 damage to the enemies you hit and knocking them down. If the enemy collides with the terrain, they will take an extra 150 points of damage, stun for 0.75 seconds, and give Hogger 10 Rage.

Cooldown: 12s

Ez-Thro Dynamite(W)

Throwing full of Dynamite with a 1.5-second fuse. When exploding, the enemies take 180 damage and slow by 30% in 2 seconds. The Dynamite explodes when it directly falls on the enemy Hero and is given to Hogger 10 Rage.

Cooldown: 8s

Hogg Wild(E)

After 0.25 seconds, it will unstoppably rotate to the target direction, and it will bounce back when encountering any terrain. Inflicts 36 damage to surrounding enemies every 0.25 seconds. The current Rage bounces from the terrain every 1% to refresh the duration of the spin.

Cooldown: 14s

Heroic Abilities

Hoardapult (R1)

Launch an enhanced Loot Hoard with Hogger attached, causing 140 damage and slowing down the enemies by 50% for 2 seconds. Hoardpault’s Loot Hoard lasts for 20 seconds, but quickly disappears when Hogger is not nearby. Every 10 seconds Hogger can get a chunk of Meat from Loot Hoard.

Cooldown: 50s


After 0.5s, it slammed the ground, sending out a long-line shockwave. The enemy hit by the first slam takes 306 damage and is stunned for 1.25 seconds. Only enemies hit by the shockwave will take 210 damage and be stunned for 0.75 seconds.

Cooldown: 70s

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