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WoW Classic: How To Complete The Tirion Fordring Questline In Dreams?
Mar 22, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

In WOW Classic, you need to complete hundreds of quests, the most impressive of which is the Fordring questline. This is a typical quest that starts with menial tasks and ends in a dramatic way.

The In Dreams quest is one of the most exciting storylines in WOW. However, before you access the quest, you need to complete other steps first. The first step is to find Tirion, who will appear to be an ordinary person.

Finding Tirion Fordring

You need to find and start this quest. In Eastern Plaguelands, you need to head to the Thondroril River and follow it to the north. Eventually, you will see a small house with a man and a horse next to it. NPC is Tirion Fording. In the beginning, you need to complete a series of mundane tasks. However, after completing the first three quests, the questline will become interesting. You will find Carrion grubs, Plaguebats, and Plauehounds/Frenzied Plaguehounds in Tirion's house.

The Tale Of Tirion Fording

After completing the first three tasks, Tirion will tell his true identity: Tirion was expelled from the Alliance and forced to separate from his wife and son. At a turning point, his son Taelan joined the Scarlet Crusade, known as the Order of the Silver Hand, so your task is to convince Taelan to leave Scarlet Crusade.

On Forgotten Memories

You will then be taken to Undercroft, where you need to find Tirion's hammer. You can find it in the pile next to Tirion's “grave”. When you search the grave, four enemies will appear. They are difficult to deal with, so you may need some help. Once you beat them, Mercutio Filthgoger will throw a hammer and you need to return to Tirion.

Next, you need to go to Northdale to find Taelan's lost honor. It's in a locked chest next to Northdale. After returning the lost honor, Tirion will guide you to find a family portrait in Caer Darrow. After crossing the bridge in Caer Darrow, you need to immediately turn left and follow this road until you reach two abandoned buildings. In the house on the right, you will see a female ghost - Renfrey, an artist who painted portraits of Tirion and his family.

Of Love And Family

When Renfrey instructs you to go to Stratholme, the questline will start to become difficult. You need to invade Scarlet Citadel and enter the last room of the dungeon. You should enter the room from the left, not following the carpet and directly into the last room. After entering, you can turn right and click on the portraits of the two moons to get the Of Love And Family quest items. Similarly, you need to return to Tirion for the next steps.

In Dreams

Tirion will guide you to find Myranda The Hag in order to deliver the items to Taelan. You will find Myranda in Sorrow Hill, which will transform the character into a Scarlet soldier. After that, you can enter Hearthglen in disguise. Then you enter Mardenholde Keep and talk to Taelen. After inspecting these artifacts, Taelan will attack and kill his four bodyguards. When Taelan regains consciousness, you need to help him pass through Scarlet Sentinels and leave the castle. You should let Taelan complete most of the battle, because he has a lot of health.

Fighting Isillien

When leaving Hearthglen, Taelan will meet Isillien, and he will kill Taelan. Isillien and his guards will fight Taelan one by one. At the end of the battle, Isillien will kill Taelan. Unfortunately, you cannot help Taelan in battle. After he is killed, Isillien will hunt you down, you need to fight back. You can choose to fight alone or fight with your friends. After the battle, Tirion Fordring will appear, and he will attract Isillien's full attention. You can accumulate damage and defeat Isillien at this time. After talking to Tirion, there are some rewards for you to choose from:

  • Mark Of Fordring
  • Ornate Adamantium Breastplate
  • Shroud of the Exile
  • Shimmering Platinum Warhammer
  • Fordring's Seal

Each type of reward is applicable to a specific class, and you can equip at least one item in the game.

This is how to complete the Tirion Fordring questline. If you want to complete it smoothly, you can be fully prepared before you start. Use WOW Classic Gold to get some good equipment or weapons to ensure that your character can cope with various difficult scenarios. If you need cheap WOW Classic Gold, you can come to MMOWTS to buy it.

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