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WOW Classic SOD: The Most Profitable Duo Gold Farm In Phase 3 Revealed! - Farming Dust Stormer
Apr 18, 2024

Source: MMOWTS

Here we reveal the most profitable duo farming locations in WOW Classic Season of Discovery Phase 3 Silithus so far. As Essence of Air prices skyrocketed, the place became a gold mine. Especially for duos, this is definitely the best way to accumulate gold in a short period.

In this guide, we’ll discuss the best combinations for gold farming, the best strategies, and why farming alone may not be worth it. Don’t miss this crucial guide to maximizing your WOW Classic SOD Gold. Without further ado, let’s get started!

WOW Classic SOD: The Most Profitable Duo Gold Farm In Phase 3 Revealed! - Farming Dust Stormer

Farming Dust Stormer

First, this farming site in Silithus involves killing elite Dust Stormers at levels 45 to 47. We’ll look at the pros and cons of this powerful gold farming location, and how to get the most out of it.

Since the price of Essence of Air is very high right now, if you can form a good duo, I believe the amount of gold you can earn per hour for even two people will be crazy.

If a pair of Pre-Raid melee hunters can kill a Dust Stormer in nearly 15 seconds, then a well-geared hunter with a decent hit rate might be faster. As a duo, you won’t need to eat much since you’ll take out the mobs quickly. Or if your hunters with pet taunting, you may not need to eat much at all.

The faster you kill these mobs, the more gold coins you get. Generally speaking, taking into account eating and walking, if you spend 1 minute killing Dust Stormer, then on average you can get 2 Essences of Air per hour.

The best equipped duo combos can kill these mobs in less than 6 seconds. This also makes the amount of gold you can earn per hour here incomparable to any other location in Phase 3, especially if Essence of Air is very expensive on your server.

WOW Classic SOD: Dust Stormer

Why Isn’t It Worth Farming Solo?

While this farming location looks good for a duo, I don't think it's worth farming solo either, unless you're decently geared and can kill these mobs in less than 20 seconds. But please note that eating or drinking will still waste too much of your time and reduce the efficiency of farming per hour. And as a hunter, you need to heal the pets, which will significantly reduce your DPS.

As you can see here, it takes a solo hunter over 30 seconds to kill a Dust Stormer, and they also need to eat, with an estimated drop rate of only 4%. It is obvious that solo farming is much less efficient than duo farming.

Best Duo Combos

Another important thing to remember is that Dust Stormer is invulnerable to natural attacks, making it difficult for many classes to deal with. But you can try using a healer to run this farm. In this case, it might not be as profitable as dual DPS, but as far as combos go, it’s still probably the best duo farming combo out there.

Since Shaman cannot use natural abilities, Hunter is probably the best choice. Equipped with a Duo Hunter it’s possible to kill a Dust Stormer in less than 5 seconds, giving it an insane amount of gold per hour.

That’s great if you’re very confident about the place, have a lot of gear, and you don’t have to waste time eating to farm gold solo. But even with all this gear, I still believe having a duo makes it even more valuable. As mentioned before, this place is pretty good, or probably the best open world farm in Season of Discovery Phase 3.

As long as Essence of Air is expensive on your server and you can clear it quickly, then this farming location must be profitable for you. But if it takes you 1 minute to kill these mobs, then it’s best to avoid this place because it’s not worth it.

Because mathematically, if you kill them within 1 minute, you should only get 2 Essences of Air. But if you do it in under 10 seconds, plus a decent combo, you can collect about 14 Essences of Air in an hour, which is crazy.


All in all, it is highly recommended to farm with two people here, because even if you can farm alone, you may have to stop to eat, which will waste a lot of time.

The best combination is probably Duo Hunters, non-caster with a healer is also an excellent combination. Chill combos also work perfectly because there’s no pressure to kill them as quickly as possible and you don’t have to worry about eating or your health at all.

Anyway, give it a try and it will bring you a nice profit in Phase 3! Good luck!

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