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WOW TBC Classic Is Still Fun To Play Now!
Jul 15, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Dark Portal was available a month ago. All players can choose to migrate to TBC or stay on the original server. About 99% of high-level characters have been migrated. It can be seen that The Burning Crusade has something special to attract fans.

Tighter Community

"We are in this together" is like the slogan of TBC, which is why WOW was so popular back then. This is the way people build new friendships in the open world and be able to complete difficult tasks and quests together.

The loot drops matter for good

Each item is precious and can boost your character's abilities to tanks, heal or deal damage. Epics are truly epics, which is even rarer. Even greens are considered valuable, they can have good attributes during the upgrade process and greatly enhance you, and because they can increase the drop rate in Outlands, they are the real gold mine. Potions are always pursued by players because they may be able to save you at a critical moment.

Playing the game at the correct pace

After Cataclysm and the flying points every hundred yards, exploring the open world began to disappear in the game. That is available again in Classic and TBC. To complete the quest, find the zones and mobs to kill. Even simple more is pleasant, which means that you will be able to harvest as much TBC Gold as possible.

The level progression is significant

Level progression, mount promotion, reputation progression, gear progress, from green to blue, and finally epics to the second specification you desire, these processes are all meaningful. Because the difficulty and slow pace of the game makes players are immersed in it.

Danger Lurks are everywhere

In Shadowlands, most of the content is kinda simple, but Mythic+ Dungeons is challenging. TBC is different from it. A simple mob can cause serious damage to your character. If you don't pay attention, you will find yourself often running from the nearest graveyard to your character's corpse. So TBC Classic Gold is very important, use them to get good gear and weapons.

In short, if you are already a TBC player, you should not regret it, because its rich content is very limited and attractive. If you are a new player, then you can start to consider accumulating WOW TBC Classic Gold. Based on this, you can pay more attention to MMOWTS.

As a No.1 TBC Classic Gold seller, MMOWTS is trustworthy, and our attentive customer service is also commendable. No matter when you come to MMOWTS, no matter what questions you have, you can ask our staff, they will give you a satisfactory answer.

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