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WOW 9.1: What Teams Are Competing In Sanctum Of Domination Race To World First?
Jul 14, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

The WOW mythic Race to World First event is about to begin. Players from all over the world are gearing up to clear the game’s latest raid - the Sanctum of Domination. If you are interested, it will be helpful to have WOW Gold in your pocket at all times

Last December, guilds from all over the world participated in the Race to World First. Many competitors in this event will fight for the title of "World First" again this time. But this game may be one of the most intense matches in the game, before the release of mythic difficulty, only 74 guilds have managed to clear Sanctum of Domination on heroic difficulty.

Although there will definitely be dozens of guilds in Race to World First, there will be a few that will be in title contention. The following is a quick preview of some teams.

Complexity Limit

Complexity Limit became the first North America guild to win the Race to World First event in more than a decade, and has been attracting attention ever since. Now this team may take another mythic race, this time it will receive challenges from all over the world.


As the runners-up of the Castle Nathria race, Echo has steadily climbed up in the game, and with each raid released, it is getting closer and closer to a victory. Now Echo seems to be in the best position to bring Europe back to the top.


Aster is a group of Chinese newcomers composed of many top players. The team killed the world's first Sylvanas on heroic difficulty. But in Race to World First, China's WOW servers will not update new content until 32 hours after the North American.


During Castle Nathria Race to World First, BDGG successfully fought side by side with some of the top guilds in the game. So, this time, this team is considered a favorable contender.


Method won 7th place in the mythic Nathria castle race. After a long climb back to the peak of the Pro WOW landscape, Method has the opportunity to return to the previous top three.


Another competitor from China, Skyline has finished in the top 10 in the past 6 mythic races.


FatSharkYes has earned the top 10 endings in the past 3 raid tiers. This team has always been one of the most steady progressors.


European veterans are always able to create surprises for everyone. This team has posted third place twice in a row and has the opportunity at breaking into the top two in the Sanctum of Domination mythic race.


This team has steady progress at each raid tier, so it will become a dark horse. Now, after killing the 8th Sylvanas Windrunner in the world with heroic difficulty, it can continue to climb through the rankings.

This event is currently attracting the attention of WOW fans. Everyone is guessing who will be the winner. MMOWTS will continue to follow up on relevant news and will update some event-related highlights in time.

Of course, if you also want to survive longer in the event, WOW Gold will be necessary. No matter when you need to buy WOW Gold, MMOWTS will always be your strong backing. You can come to MMOWTS to buy Gold at any time!

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