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WOW TBC: When Will Phase 2 Be Released?
Aug 11, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

WOW TBC Classic is in full swing, and the initial content patch has been launched in early June. TBC players have been eager to meet new content, it seems that the next major patch of the game is coming soon.

WOW TBC's content rollout is divided into 5 phases. These phases will include new raids, dungeons, and PVP seasons, they will be waiting for players to explore. As early as July 29, the second phase of WOW TBC has begun testing in the game’s Public Test Realm.

Currently, the official release date for the second phase of The Burning Crusade has not been announced. If the release schedule of WOW Classic is to serve as a one-to-one reference, then the second phase of TBC should come soon.

The first phase of WOW Classic was live for 78 days before the second phase goes live on November 12, 2019. Based on this, we speculate that the release date of the second phase of TBC Classic should be around August 18th in 2021.

However, some unexpected situations seem inevitable. The sexual assault lawsuit involving Blizzard some time ago was also raging. We still don't know whether this situation will have an impact on the development of the second phase of the TBC Classic. In any case, with upcoming content currently available for testing, it should be possible to test that the second phase will still be running on the live servers sometime shortly.

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