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You Will Access To A Mole Resetti In Animal Crossing New Horizons
Jan 29, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

On February 15th, ACNH players will see the Peacock. Pave in-game, which is well known, but Pave does not seem to be the only character returning in the upcoming update. The mole Resetti will also appear in various forms.

Nintendo has announced that in the upcoming New Horizons update, Festivale will be the main focus, Pave will also return, and some new types of items will also appear. American football items such as a football-shaped carpet and a real football will be available when the update arrives, and items celebrating the new year will be available from February 10. The star of the show - the Resetti model will be released together with the football items.

If you are a new player in New Horizons, you may be unfamiliar with Resetti. In New Horizons, he and his brother are responsible for rescue work, but they have never appeared in the flesh.

In previous games, Resetti played a more important role, and he appeared when the player turns the game off without saving. When the game is loaded again, Resetti will jump out and blame the player for turning the game off without saving. If you still haven't changed that behavior, then Resetti will become angrier and angrier.

Resetti will eventually annoy the player in the Animal Crossing’s Gamecube version. He will reset the game himself and claim that he completely deleted the players’ data, then he will say that he was just joking or make players apologize for the resets. In the fifth reset of some games, his brother Don will appear and play a good policeman, trying to stop the player from resetting! In the upcoming update version, Resetti will appear in the form of a statuette, which you can use to decorate your island. It can also remind you of what might happen.

February is coming. It’s time for players to prepare for the upcoming update. In February, you can always pay attention to new clothes and new reactions. If necessary, it’s a good idea to wear new clothes to welcome Valentine’s Day.

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