Animal Crossing New Horizons: Grape-Harvest Basket Now Available
Animal Crossing New Horizons: Grape-Harvest Basket Now Available

Only a few days before the end of summer, new items have appeared in Animal Crossing New Horizons! The new grape-harvest basket accessory is now available for a limited time in Nook's Shopping Catalog.

Autumn is not only the season of Halloween and feasts, but also the last chance for farmers to harvest crops-at least in the northern hemisphere. This is the spirit that brings the grape harvest basket to the world of Animal Crossing. According to Nintendo reports, this accessory sells for only 800 bells and will be available until September 30. It is not a functional item, it is just for looks. You can find this basket under the "seasonal" tab in Nook's catalog, or you can shake trees to get acorns and pine cones from the trees, and you can use them to decorate mini trees.

Only half of the Animal Crossing world is head into autumn. The other half has just begun to see the first hints of spring and the first planting of the next year's crops. This is why this basket is perfect in any season. Whether you are in the new season or celebrating the warm weather of the last few weeks, this basket is going to look perfect on you.

Animal Crossing is very good at keeping up with the changes of the seasons and ensuring that the millions of digital islands in its universe are as immersive and charming as possible. Many players can't wait to see what more updates Animal Crossing will have in the coming months. MMOWTS will continue to follow the latest news of Animal Crossing.

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