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Animal Crossing Turnips Guide: How To Buy, Sell, and Store Turnips?
Sep 21, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

Animal Crossing has an interesting economy, selling fruits, bugs, fish and a variety of random items to make a quick bell can let you pass for a while, but you need to get a better source of income because of the payment for your house start to balloon, you have to make greater infrastructure improvements around town. You need to use the stock market of this game to make enough money. Turnips are one of the best ways to get rich in New Horizons. As autumn approaches, there may be more options to get bells. However, turnips are still an effective method.

If you pay close attention to Timmy Tommy's prices, you will know when to sell and you will make a lot of money. We collected all the information you need to know about the turnips trade!

How to buy and store Turnips?

Turnips in ACNH operate once a week cycle. Every Sunday, after you unlock Nook's Cranny, Daisy Mae will come to your town to sell turnips from 5 am to 12 pm. She sells them in bundles of 10 at different prices every week-about 90-110 bells per turnip. There is no limit to the number of turnips you can buy before she leaves as long as you have enough ACNH bells. We recommend buying it regardless of its price!

The turnips you bought will go bad next Sunday and become worthless, so in order to make money, you need to sell your turnips before next Saturday. You can put turnips on the floor at home or outside, but it is worth noting that any visitors can pick up the turnips you leave outside. If your house has no space, make sure you fence in the turnips so that they don’t get stolen.

How to sell Turnips?

Starting each Monday, Timmy and Tommy will start buying turnips from you; the only day they don't buy turnips is Sunday. Timmy and Tommy change their prices twice daily, once when Nook's Cranny opens in the morning and again at noon. This is where things get a little complicated: There are a few general patterns their prices will follow throughout the week, so it's important to ask them for their prices twice every day to get a sense of what pattern you have. You can look at the main patterns to watch out for below.

Large Spike Patterns

It is a particularly ideal pattern, in this pattern, you get prices in the high 300s and up. The general rule of this pattern is that there will be a peak in the price sometime during the week, and there will be a period of price decline before and after that.

Remember, for a spike pattern, you should never sell on the first increase, the price will always increase at least once and at most twice. The gamble is whether you want to sell on that second increase or hope for an even better one next time the price changes.

Modest Spike Patterns

In this pattern, you will see lower prices--typically below or hovering around 200--but it follows the same general pattern as the big spike. That means you'll see some decreasing prices followed by two or three successive increases, then decreasing prices for the remainder of the week.

Decreasing Pattern

Although the spike pattern always starts with decreasing prices, if you don't see any increase before Thursday, then you are likely to have a decreasing pattern. In this pattern, the price continues to fall and you won't be able to sell at a profit, unless you travel to someone else's island.

How to recover from bad prices

If you got a bad pattern or didn't sell at the right time, you're not completely screwed: You can sell your turnips on other people's islands! If you have friends who are also playing the stalk market, it's a good idea to talk to them about your prices throughout the week and see if you might get a better deal elsewhere. Making lots of friends and communicating each week is key to making this easy.

What to do with spoiled Turnips

Spoiled turnips can attract ants and flies. Although they are not valuable, you need them to complete your Critterpedia and museum. Once you catch the ant or fly, you can throw the spoiled turnips in the trash can.

This is all the important information about turnips. If you are a new ACNH player, you can refer to this guide to buy and sell turnips. If you want to learn more about ACNH, you can bookmark the news page on MMOWTS.

If you don't have enough ACNH Bells to buy turnips, you can buy Bells on MMOWTS. The ACNH Bells' price on MMOWTS is lower than the market price.

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