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ACNH: Happy Home Paradise Is The First and Only Paid Expansion
Nov 01, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Nintendo recently revealed that Happy Home Paradise will be the only paid expansion content in ACNH. This seems unexpected because as early as the news was leaked, players were speculating that there would be more paid DLC in the future, but now this speculation has proved impossible. MMOWTS will share the latest news that we have known about.

The paid DLC invites you to join Lottie’s Paradise Planning team and travel to different resort islands to ensure that prospective clients can fully realize the vacation homes of their dreams. A list of beautiful islands will be in the package, each with unique qualities, so you can read carefully to find anything that meets the needs of your waiting customers.

Once you have chosen the suitable landscape, you can start designing the dream home. Members of Nintendo Switch Online even have the chance to share their portfolio with friends, or invite other players to visit their vacation islands. If you need any ACNH Items or ACNH Bells during the period, you can come to MMOWTS to buy them.

Happy Home Paradise will be launched on November 5th, synchronized with the 2.0 update. In Nintendo’s statement, Happy Home Paradise will be the first and last paid expansion in ACNH, because it provides a unique gaming experience, so it’s meaningful to start and end paid content. The 2.0 update will also be the last major free content update. Therefore, Nintendo’s continued support for ACNH will officially end on November 5.

Next week, ACNH’s new content will end, which is a mixed feeling for fans, but the new content is enough to keep players busy for a while.

ACNH debuted in March 2020. Many players have witnessed its step-by-step changes. It quickly swept the world and became the number one most popular game. Therefore, we can expect that this update will be a successful conclusion.

If ACNH introduces any new ACNH Items, MMOWTS will launch them as soon as possible. You can come here to buy them at any time. The most popular one is villagers, which saves a lot of time for many players. You can bring your favorite villagers to your island without spending too much time.

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