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ACNH: How To Get The New Obon Festival Items?
Aug 19, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

In ACNH, Obon Festival is underway. Although players are eager for large game updates to appear in ACNH, they are also interested in small seasonal updates with additional items.

ACNH's 2021 update will finally be released. But for now, the update of the Obon Festival mainly takes place in Japan, celebrating the return of the spirits of ancestors to the living world. Obon Festival also has its own set of items for players to collect, and MMOWTS will introduce how to get all the items.

In this festival, people tie chopsticks to eggplant and cucumber as a set of legs. It is used as an anchor for the spirit to return to the physical world. This is important for players who have ACNH islands with Japanese aesthetics.

How to get the Obon Festival Items?

ACNH has added two new items to the Obon Festival, which are Cucumber Horse and the Eggplant Cow. These are special goods and will appear in the special goods section of Nook Shopping from August 10th to 16th. Each item requires you to spend 500 ACNH Bells to buy. Only one of these items will appear every day, so you need to return on 2 different days to collect them.

Because ACNH treats seasonal events differently from before, you can only get these items for a limited time. Once missed, you can only wait until they show up next time. But for impatient players, MMOWTS will bring them convenience, because they can come here to buy ACNH Items they need.

Fans of ACNH want to know when there will be a large-scale content update. This game has remained unchanged since its release, only providing seasonal events and updated content, which gradually exhausted the interests of players, so maybe only big changes will attract some players back to their islands again.

MMOWTS will follow the news of ACNH. If a major update will be confirmed, we will also notify you in time, so hurry up to subscribe to MMOWTS to get the latest news.

In addition, anything you need in ACNH can be found on MMOWTS, from various villagers to different furniture. Buying them will help you save as much time as possible to decorate your island.

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