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ACNH: The Best Birthday Gift For Audie
Sep 01, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

In ACNH, there are many popular villagers, Audie is one of them. In addition to her lively personality, her famous quote "I'm studying fashion right now! At least, that's what I'm saying I'm doing. For tax purposes." is always impressive. Because of this, many players want to know what kind of birthday gifts can take her heart. Based on this, MMOWTS collected all the information about Audie, which may be helpful to players.

Audie’s personality

Audie is a peppy wolf villager in New Horizons and was added to Pocket Camp. Although she is a wolf villager, she looks more like a fox. Her birthday was not long ago, which was August 31.

Audie is a peppy villager who does tend to overreact in conversations involving trivial subjects. She is very excited about everything, especially when she sees other players or villagers. She is rarely dissuaded from anything.

Audie’s house

Her house is light blue, with white lattice doors and an orange thatch roof. The inner part of the house has tropical vista walls and blue floral floors. She has a green diner neon sign, a natural palm tree lamp, a light brown rattan low table, a rattan end table, etc. All the decorations are full of tropical style.

Audie’s birthday

Many players want to find a perfect birthday gift for her. This is her second birthday in ACNH, so players always want her to have a good day.

Players gave suggestions, for example, a teddy bear, gift-wrapped fruit, iron wall lamp, clothing, a floral tank and umbrellas, and more. Fortunately, all these gifts have won Audie's love. A player shared her gift to Audie on Twitter, which is some coconuts, and also received Audie's thanks. This also proves that Audie is a very kind villager, she is worthy of the players' love.

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