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ACNH: When Will It Snow?
Nov 27, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

In ACNH, winter has arrived, which is the second day of Thanksgiving celebrations. With the arrival of winter, another part of the players' expectations has also arrived - snow.

Due to the villagers' reaction and the opportunity to catch snowflakes, players are excited to see snowflakes again in ACNH, so when does your island have a higher chance of starting to snow? Based on previous games, MMOWTS gave some speculations.

When Will It Snow?

According to previous games and last year's snowfall in ACNH, snowfall usually occurs in late November.

In previous games, the snowfall was mostly random, but in ACNH, the snowfall may not start until November 25 or later, but it may not stick to the ground until around December 10. But for now, players will soon see it.

Because at the beginning of New Horizons, you can choose to run in the southern or northern hemisphere, so the weather will also imitate the weather pattern of the corresponding region.

According to the section on weather patterns in the Animal Crossing wiki, in the Northern Hemisphere, the weather may be cloudy from December 11th to 23rd, which means it is likely to snow. The possibility of this situation in the southern hemisphere is very low.

Because the 2.0 Update is already available, there is a good opportunity to take Turkey Day to a new level, and players seem to have a better gaming experience this year. If you need it, you can also come to MMOWTS to buy 2.0 ACNH Items.

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