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Genshin Impact Guide: How To Get As Many Bird Eggs As Possible
Nov 30, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

In Genshin Impact, you need to make your character grow as strong as possible in many ways, so the bird egg is one of the elements that can help the character grow. To get as many bird eggs as possible, you need to find the Bird Egg Mountain first.

Although bird eggs are very common, it is still difficult to collect as many bird eggs as possible. This guide will show you where to find more bird eggs.

As we all know, there will be bird eggs on treetops, mountain tops and buildings, because those places are suitable for birds to build nests.

What can Bird Eggs be used for?

Bird eggs are important for some dishes in Genshin Impact, such as Golden Crab and Adventurer's Breakfast Sandwich. So, when you cook them, they can restore limited health to your team members. In addition, it is also an important source of protein.

Where to find the Bird Egg Mountain?

On the map, you will see "Huaguang Stone Forest". There are bird eggs on the top of the mountain. After you reach the mountain, you will see 4-6 bird eggs on the top of the mountain. Even if you took them, you can wait for them to respawn and then come back in a few days! This way you can make more food with them.

How to get there?

The fastest way is to reach the teleportation point to the north of Qingyun Peak first, because it is high enough, which will help you reach the Bird Egg Mountain more easily.

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