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WOW Shadowlands Guide: Ways Of Finishing The Penitent Hunt Quest
Dec 01, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

In WOW: Shadowlands, you can access a lot of new content, especially in the new Covenants. When it comes to Venthyr Covenant, you will know that it is one of the best for Shaman healers, so you need to hunt the souls.

Because the Venthyr of Revendreth is about hunting down sinful souls, which means that Revendreth is a place of salvation for those who are sinful in life. They were banished to Banewood. All you need to do is to catch them, this task is the Penitent Hunt quest. This guide will tell you how to successfully complete this quest.

Get the quest

First, you need to go to Revendreth, find Wanecrypt Hill, and look around for a tall Venthyr called Fearstalker. They will assign you tasks and let you hunt three souls. These three souls have been weakened by fear, making them vulnerable. This is what Fearstalker wants.

Where to find souls?

They are scattered among the Banewood, so you can explore there with your mount, which will make the journey more convenient. Remember, you should tell Fearstalker "Let's Begin" so that they will join your avatar on the quest and become your helper.

The Prideful Souls are quite far away, two of them are in opposite corners, one is Yoshai the Merciless, hiding in an open spot in the lower-left corner of the zone. The other is Crimelord Tiana, in the upper right corner, surrounded by spiders.

The last one is Houndmaster Loksey, he is in the center of the designated area, you will be able to find him easily, but Truulax guards him. Bring it down to siphon Loskey of his Anima.

Extra quests

During the Penitent Hunt, you can also complete some other tasks. Most of the tasks do not require fighting, except Truulax. And Fearstalker has always followed you, so you can complete them easily. Once the Hunt is completed, you can proceed to other things. Most of these are monsters from Fearstalker and Huntmaster near her. After finishing these, you can get Renown and other rewards, so complete these tasks as much as possible. And completing these tasks while the Penitent Hunt will save you a lot of time.

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