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Genshin Impact:When Will New Gliding Challenge Event Launch?
Dec 02, 2020

Source: MMOWTS

The long-awaited Zhongli finally has appeared. We have also updated Zhongli's best character builds before. If you are interested, you can take a look. So far, two five-star heroes have appeared in the 1.1 update, and in the recent Unreconciled Stars event, the appearance of Scaramouche also brought new challenges to players.

Many players speculated that Scaramouche will also become a playable hero like Zhongli in the future. And traces of potential intermediary events in the game are beginning to surface, so once Mihoyo releases the upcoming Gliding Challenge, fans may not feel surprised.

In the upcoming event, you will meet a brand new NPC - Hughes. He is a gliding enthusiast and knows a lot about gliding spots. During December 4th-14th, he will provide you with the opportunities of finishing challenges in exchange for rewards, such as Talent Ascension Materials, Mora, Primogems, and Hero's Wit EXP materials.

The Unreconciled Stars event is over. It is like a narrative-driven multi-pronged event, but the upcoming Gliding Challenge is not similar to it. It is more like the Marvelous Merchandise event, which means it contains simple quests and you can get rewards easier.

If the recent Genshin Impact event statements are accurate, then the Gliding Challenge will consist of 7 different tracks, and the rewards are not fixed, it will vary according to your finishing time and how many tokens you collected during the gliding process.

In addition, you can also look forward to the food delivery event, because Mihoyo Twitter hints at the end: while it's warm event is also coming soon. Based on this, many fans guess that it is food delivery, because food must be delivered often when it is warm.

Genshin Impact has more content than can be expected. Creative ideas and designs will always attract fans. The 1.1 update did not disappoint fans, so fans also have higher expectations for the 1.2 and 1.3 update. The excitement is that the 1.2 update will be released on December 23.

With the continuous update of the game, MMOWTS will always launch Genshin Impact Accounts with different heroes and weapons. If you like, you can place an order directly on MMOWTS, and our staff will send the account information to your mailbox, So please check your inbox or spam.

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