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Genshin Impact: How To Find Aphotium Ore?
Feb 19, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

The Three Realms Gateway Offering Event has arrived in Genshin Impact, now you need to collect the Aphotium Ore to unlock the sealed teleport waypoint through Enkanomiya. MMOWTS will give detailed steps to collect Aphotium Ore.

The waypoints are enveloped in a vile Corrosion, and you'll need to collect Aphotium Ore and Tokoyo Legumes to perform Rite of Diffusal, a cleansing ritual that clears the corruption from enemies, structures, and entire areas. And to start the Rite, you'll need a special Gadget - the Bokuso Box.

Bokuso Box

The Bokuso Box is a new event Gadget that can be used in different ways, including cleaning corrosion, granting corrosion resistance, damaging enemies, and displaying necessary event items on the minimap.

To unlock the full use of the Bokuso Box, you'll need to upgrade the Gadget with a new currency - Light Realm Sigils. Sigils can be offered on the Statue of the Vassals to increase the level of the Bokuso Box.

To farm Light Realm Sigils, you can open chests and complete event objectives, such as unlocking Sealed Teleport Waypoints. The way to get unlimited Sigils is to clear Sentou Trials.

You can earn Sigils rewards by completing a Trial, then rest at Statue of the Vassals to refresh all Sentou trials. Repeating this process can upgrade the Bokuso Box faster. Once the Bokuso Box is level 1, you can see the Aphotium Ore nodes on the minimap.

Where to find Aphotium Ore?

Approaching a node, press the "Gadget" button to activate the Bokuso Box, then you can collect Aphotium Ore. The box will release energy and you can collect the ore. As you collect ores, the Bokuso Box will gradually run out of energy, and you can replenish it by interacting with Light Conches and Coral Butterflies on the farming routes for Aphotium Ore and Tokoyo Legumes.

Note that the Three Realms Gateway Offering will end on March 30th, so you need to farm Aphotium Ore and Tokoyo Legumes as soon as possible during this time.

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