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Genshin Impact: How To Find Slumbering Court?
Dec 01, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

In Genshin Impact, 2.3 Update introduced the dual banner mechanism. In addition to the rerun banner, Albedo fans are also excited about a new item, Husk of Opulent Dreams. You can get it from Slumbering Court Domain.

If you put an Electro DPS into your team, you will quickly clear this domain. In addition, a dedicated healer can also easily complete this domain, and Rifthounds will not allow you to start this without healing.

Slumbering Court Location

You can find Slumbering Court on Seirai Island, but this door is located in a hidden cave, so many players will be confused about how to get there. MMOWTS will guide you to find that place.

How to unlock the Slumbering Court Domain?

There are 2 waypoints around the new Domain: one is in the north and the other is in the south. If you teleport to the waypoint in the north, you need to go a little south to find a tiny opening.

This opening is hidden behind a purple tree, bushes, and luminescent spiral plants, and the waypoint can still be seen from this position.

If it is difficult for you to find this tiny gap, then you can try to find another larger hole. You need to use the northern teleportation waypoint, and then climb up the nearby cliff, walk to the marked place, you will notice some Amethyst Lump Veins near the location.

The last entrance is teleported to the waypoint on the south side, you can continue walking south until you reach a cliff where you can see floating stones.

Glide down from the cliff until you see a large opening below, guarded by some Hilichurls and Mitachurl. You need to go deeper to find the door to the Slumbering Court Domain.

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