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ACNH: What Is Pigeon Milk and How To Get It?
Dec 03, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

Thanks to the ACNH 2.0 Update, the Roost is finally available on most islands. Although the Pigeon Barista is familiar to many loyal fans, if you are a new ACNH player, then you may not know it yet.

Some new players may be confused about pigeon milk now, so MMOWTS will give a detailed explanation.

What’s pigeon milk?

It is easy for some players to think that it is a joke that Brewster gives you a cup of pigeon milk for your coffee because pigeons do not make milk, they are not mammals.

But in fact, pigeon milk is not the kind of milk we usually think of, but more often called crop milk, which is a regurgitation secreted from the bird's crop lining (a special pouch used for half-processed food birds have). It is not even like milk at all. It is a pale yellow, like cheese with a particularly high protein and fat.

It is usually used to feed newly hatched young birds, which can help them grow quickly.

How to get pigeon mild in ACNH?

If you want to try pigeon milk in ACNH, the unlocking process is also very simple.

Since Brewster is an indifferent character when you go to The Roost every day, he doesn't talk too much, he only takes your order. As long as you often go there, which means you need to spend 200 ACNH Bells every day, you can build a good relationship with him. Eventually, he will make a special drink for you, which may include pigeon milk.

So, if you get pigeon milk from Brewster, it means he treats you as a friend, which is great.

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