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Genshin Impact: More Details About Elegy for the End

In Genshin Impact, Elegy for the End is a powerful 5-star bow that can be used as a buff weapon in the team. It is also part of the Millennial Movement series, and there are rumors that Elegy for the End will return to the game’s gacha. MMOWTS will share more information about it.

Elegy for the End stats and passive effect

Elegy for the End can reach a base attack of 608 and has a 55.1% Energy Recharge bonus. Due to its passive effect, it can give the user an additional 60 Elemental Mastery. At the same time, when users use an Elemental Skill or burst, they will get a Sigil of Remembrance.

When the character gets 4 Sigils, all of them will give all teammates a 12-second buff. During this period, the character has an additional 100 Elemental Mastery and 20% ATK. After triggering the 12-second buff, Elegy for the End cannot grant new Sigils of Remembrance for 20 seconds.

The best characters to use Elegy for the End

Its users do not need to be on the battlefield to obtain Sigils of Remembrance. Because the characters that are suitable to use it are those who are not often on the field, like Fischl, can use this bow to increase the team's buffs. Fischl’s damage may be higher in The Stringless, but using Elegy for the End can bring benefits to the entire team.

Elegy for the End is also good for Venti, although it is not as good as The Stringless's raw damage, it will also provide other benefits. Venti's burst can be said to be one of the best in the game. Elegy for the End can quickly recover energy for the burst. The additional Elemental Mastery is also very useful for Venti. And Elegy for the End also supports the builds of Venti, giving priority to the powerful Swirl reactions.

Amber is also a good choice because her Elemental Burst is synchronized with Elegy for the End, so she can trigger the Elegy buff faster than other bow users.

Although the bow is not a necessary weapon in Genshin Impact, you can summon it as a powerful team buff weapon. No matter you need any heroes or weapons in the game, you can come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with whatever you need.

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