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Genshin Impact: Some Changes To The Housing System and The Way Serenitea Pot Works

With the coming of the Genshin Impact 1.6 version, many fans have turned their attention to the latest update. Due to the latest 1.6 beta testing, some roles and mechanics have been leaked. However, now Mihoyo has confirmed some changes in the Genshin Impact 1.6 version, including some changes to the housing system and Serenitea Pot.

Some playable heroes and new content related to the 1.6 version have also been leaked, such as Kazuha, and the long-awaited Inazuma area and boat travel and Ayaka seem to also appear. But Mihoyo does not give any official news.

The latest news indicates that the housing system and Serenitea Pot will be updated and changed based on player feedback. Version 1.6 will increase the load limit of Serenitea Pot, and its second floor will eventually be accessible. Crafting is also an important part of the housing system because you need to make some decorations for your house. Fortunately, this will also be enhanced.

Housing and Co-op crafting changes

Currently, it is impossible to use the Crafting Bench to make items in co-op Mode. This has been annoying for fans since version 1.5 was released, but in version 1.6, this will be fixed. Starting from the next update, the Crafting Bench can be used when playing with your friends in the co-op Mode, which also means that the cooperative mode will be better.

New features

In addition, there are some features that Mihoyo is teasing. One is the paved roads coming to the housing system. Although it has not been clearly announced that it will appear in version 1.6, Paimon mentioned it coyly.

The other is the ability of Companion Move-Ins, you will be able to bring the characters you have acquired into your home. Mihoyo said they are developing this feature, but have not confirmed whether it’s available in version 1.6.

Genshin Impact’s housing system is a fun way to create a residence for the characters and make some beautiful decorations. This is a leisurely break during the battle and the main story. Mihoyo can listen to the suggestions of fans to continuously improve the content, which is also commendable.

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