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Genshin Impact: Some Inazuma Characters Have Been Revealed

In Genshin Impact, new playable characters always make fans excited. With the Inazuma update expected to come next month, the latest characters come from a brand new nation. This means that it will attract more players, because the Inazuma area should continue to introduce more heroes in the future, including some great members.

Recently, it has been reported that more characters have appeared in Inazuma content. This includes Kokomi, Gorou, and Sara. However, they have not been confirmed by Mihoyo. Despite this, many other characters have been officially confirmed as belonging to the Inazuma region. Although most of them have not yet confirmed the release date, Mihoyo has mentioned them in the promotional materials.

Some Inazuma characters that have been confirmed


Kazuha will be Inazuma's first character in the game. Kazuha's Banner will be released as part of Genshin Impact 1.6 version content, which means he will appear at the end of June. He is the user of Anemo, and his weapon in battle is swords. He is an important introduction to the Inazuma’s politics and culture.


Yoimiya is a bow wielder and Pyro user, hoping to provide players with a better Pyro/bow character to replace Amber. Although Yoimiya's specific release date has not yet been determined, she is likely to appear in the next update.


Sayu is an Anemo user who likes to hang out in the trees. Apart from that, we don't know more about her at the moment. Since Mihoyo has confirmed that she will appear in Genshin Impact, fans just have to wait patiently for her arrival.


Before the game was released last year, Ayaka participated in the early beat of the game, but has disappeared since then. Regarding her, fans have made a lot of speculations, but many of them are not true. Now, Mihoyo has been promoting Ayaka, Yoimiya, and Sayu as Inazuma characters, so fans can look forward to the arrival of Inazuma characters.

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