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Nintendo Stated New Content Will Be Added To ACNH
Jul 28, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

The lengthy content shortage in ACNH is coming to an end! Within two days, Fireworks will return to the popular Switch game that lacks activities. Nintendo has stated on Twitter that more content will appear later this year.

ACNH will be updated for free on July 29. So if you are an ACNH player, make sure you have updated to the latest version to enjoy the upcoming weekly fireworks shows and new seasonal items. In addition to these updates, New Horizons is currently developing more free content and plans to launch later this year. More detailed information will be released in the future, so players can continue to pay attention and can look forward to it.

ACNH was first released in March 2020, because it was during the covid-19 pandemic, so this is undoubtedly a good opportunity. A large number of players have joined the game. After that, the game is constantly updating content, such as adding swimming, Weddings, and fireworks. So, during that period, this game brought a lot of comfort to the players. But after the introduction of new things stopped, and people's lives returned to before, people did not pay as much attention to it as before, which also caused ACNH to lose a lot of fans.

For now, the latest free update just repeats the previous event. Before this, ACNH received a series of décor options in its first-anniversary event, plus some April Fool’s themed things, such as whoopie cushions. In addition, the past few months have been very calm.

But the game is about to get fireworks, which is also surprising. Fireworks can be said to be the most irritating invention in the game. It has no other purpose except to scare housepets and make neighbors awake, but it seems to be the embodiment of the spirit of Animal Crossing.

As for the new content that Nintendo said, we can only wait patiently. But since there will be new content, which means players never see before. Some players speculate that it is expanding the island. If this is true, it will re-attract more players.

In any case, MMOWTS will always pay attention to the subsequent updates of ACNH. If there are new content and new ACNH items, MMOWTS will also launch the corresponding new items in time. In addition, ACNH Bells and Nook Miles Tickets will still be available on MMOWTS. So ACNH players must not miss MMOWTS.

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