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WOW Classic: Character Cloning Fee Makes Players Angry

Source: MMOWTS

Blizzard has revealed that WOW Burning Crusade Classic will be released on June 1, but this does not seem to be good news, because at the same time as the announcement, Blizzard also revealed the price of the deluxe edition and new account services. Many players feel disappointed about these prices. 

Burning Crusade Classic makes WOW's first expansion reproduce the way it was in the past, allowing WOW Classic players to explore a new continent, grind more levels, and many other exciting changes, such as flying mounts. However, what makes fans angry is the $35 cloning fee so that it can be on the WOW Classic and Burning Crusade servers at the same time.

The patch scheduled to be released on May 18 will introduce some expansion features earlier. After the patch is released, you need to make a permanent choice: move your character to Burning Crusade or keep it in the original WOW Classic. Players who enter Burning Crusade will stay on the same server and enjoy all the new features and exploration areas when it is released a few weeks later. Players who choose to stay in WOW Classic will not enjoy the new features, and the level cap is 60.

If you want to have the advantages of both servers at the same time, you can clone a character to two servers for $35, but fans think this is a shameless money grab, and this service should be provided for free. Compared with other MMO games, WOW’s account services are overpriced and force players to choose between two servers.

Many fans are on the fence on whether to clone or not. If it is only a $10 fee, most players will agree, but few people will spend $35 to clone.

We don’t know how Blizzard will respond to fans’ dissatisfaction and whether it will take other measures. MMOWTS will continue to wait for related news about WOW Classic. Once Blizzard releases news, MMOWTS will notify you in time.

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