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WOW Classic: Some Must-have Addons For Burning Crusade
Apr 20, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

In terms of quality of life, WOW Classic has left something to look forward to. The game community has taken corresponding actions to fix the problems and create "addons" or mods for the game to solve and simplify some problems, so this article will introduce some useful addons to make your game journey smoother.

Quest helper - Questie

Quest helper is one of the most important addons, which is a missing feature in TBC Classic. So it is difficult for many players to find and complete the quest. Sometimes, the quest text inside the game is not helpful. So at this time, Questie will help you solve these problems, it will display the available quests on the map, show you where the specific quest objectives are, and even tell you specific requirements.

User interface - pfUI/Bartender

pfUI is a more advanced option, which allows you to redesign the entire game interface to meet your needs. The Bartender is a simpler option, just focus on the action bar. One of the biggest problems with WOW is that you have to use the weird vertical bars at the edge of the screen when your action bar has insufficient space. But with either of these two addons, you can redesign it.

Map - Cartographer

WOW's default map occupies the entire screen, which is very inconvenient. It hides areas that you have not explored, and there are no maps for dungeons and raids. Cartographer can fix these problems, it allows you to toggle between full screen or small map, you can directly see the whole world, and you can also see the map of each dungeon or raid.

Boss encounters - Deadly Boss Mods

If you plan to enter dungeons or raids, you will need an addon for boss encounters. Deadly Boss Mods are highly recommended. This addon will tell you all the abilities of each boss in the game and display a timer on your screen so you will know when it will happen. It can guarantee that you will not be trapped by any boss mechanics, so it is a life-saving tool!

Threat meter - Omen

It can manage your threat so that the tank can maintain aggro on the boss, which is crucial in TBC. After installing Omen, it will display everyone's threat in a customizable window. If you are too aggressive and cause trouble to the team, it will even warn you.

Bag Extension - Bagnon

This is a very popular addon. After installation, you don't have to sort in 5 different windows. You can group all the bags so that the sorting is easy. It can also store data between characters, which means you can easily find out how much Gold your alts have.

These addons can greatly improve your WOW Classic gaming experience, you can try them. For more WOW Classic news or guides, you can come to MMOWTS to check.

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