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ACNH: What's The Best Flower?
Apr 21, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

In ACNH, you can collect different types of flowers to decorate your island. New Horizons currently has 8 different flowers, each with different colors. In many cases, these flowers need to be nurtured to achieve the color you want. Choosing the right flower type is very important, and it will also be affected by many factors.

Breeding flowers in ACNH is not a simple matter. There will be some different types of your island, but if you want to get the rest types, you need to go to the Mystery Islands or get some basic options from your friends as gifts. You can also get a small number of seeds at Nook’s Cranny or the Gardening Shop. In order to plant flowers that have sprouted, you need to move them with a shovel, because the flowers themselves cannot be planted.

The desirability of the flower-type changes according to the time of year and the events that are taking place.

* Pink and white flowers can be used as spring decorations

* Red and blue flowers can be used as summer island designs

* Black flowers are a spooky autumn decoration

* Orange and yellow are appropriate at any time of the year

If you like elegant style, then Rose and Lily are suitable, if you like cute, then Tulip, Cosmos and Hyacinth are all recommended.

Although Roses are popular because of their rarity, and Golden Roses are difficult to obtain. In addition, other flower types are also very ornamental. Cosmos is a good choice, they can fill any place with life. Currently, you can get 6 colors, including red, white, yellow, orange, pink and black. Cosmos are common, you can collect them early in the game to make your island look more vibrant. Because of its availability and variety, Cosmos may be the best flower in the game.

But each player’s preference is different. Some players may like to plant Roses of various colors, but some players prefer to decorate their islands with simple choices, so you still choose flowers according to your preferences.

Breeding flowers is just one way in ACNH to show your personality. As for other decorations, you can craft them yourself. Or if you don't have any specific ideas, you can come to MMOWTS to buy ACNH Items, from Villagers to Styles, you can find them on MMOWTS.

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