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WOW Classic: The Instance Cap For TBC and Pre-Patch Are Removed

According to a post published by Blizzard, the daily instance caps in WOW Classic will be canceled from the TBC Pre-patch released today. When TBC Classic was announced in February, the development team stated that they would explore the possibility of lifting the daily cap of 30 dungeon instances per day. But since then, Blizzard has been silent on this and did not give any detailed news.

This cap was originally intended to limit the impact of bots on the game before being banned, but it is not part of WOW or TBC. This change was made after most players had leveled through Classic using a strategy of dungeon grinding that put them over that 30 instance cap per day.

In the pre-patch, this change will help players to boost new races - Blood Elves and Draenei.

Many players plan to use the resources and gold coins they have accumulated in the game over the past time to upgrade the roles of these new races in the dungeon. Lifting the daily cap of the dungeon will allow players to bring new toons to level 60 at a faster rate.

During the TBC release period, this change will allow players to avoid highly crowded leveling zones to support instance upgrades that will be significantly faster.

There are still about ten days before the official release of TBC. Many players can't wait to make full preparations. If you want to make a fortune from TBC in the initial stage, then you can now prepare WOW Classic Gold. Once TBC is officially released, you can have a greater advantage over others. If you need, you can come to MMOWTS to buy WOW Classic Gold, which will let you get them in a short time and effortlessly. Later, you will better welcome the arrival of the WOW TBC Classic!

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