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ACNH: Is Bill Wibbly An Actual Villager?
Jan 26, 2022

Source: MMOWTS

A post about how ACNH players describe villagers they want gone from their island has instantly become a community discussion, and one of the biggest memes is Bill Wibbly.

Bill Wibbly personifies the villagers that ACNH players want to get rid of for whatever reason. This meme emphasizes the strong distaste some ACNH players have for certain villagers, including those considered the worst villagers in ACNH, and how they denigrate the most innocent-looking characters. This also means that the popularity of villagers depends on personal preference.

Now that ACNH players have accepted Bill Wibbly's meme, they now use "Bill Wibbly" to describe a villager they don't want to stay on the island. Others have also blamed the fictional Bill Wibbly for other misfortunes in the game, such as when a beloved villager accidentally leaves their island. So who exactly is Bill Wibbly, MMOWTS will unravel the mystery.

Who is Bill Wibbly?

ACNH fans created Bill Wibbly's art style according to ACNH villagers, designed Bill Wibbly's costume in the game, and even played as the character.

Bill's popularity shows how active the ACNH community is, and the players themselves are good at innovating new game content and sharing it with other players, which is a great interaction.

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