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ACNH: You Can Make A Perfect Snowman By This Way
Dec 15, 2021

Source: MMOWTS

If you are a Northern Hemisphere player in ACNH, then happy times are coming. The island once again became a winter wonderland, with snow falling and the villagers wearing cute clothes. This also means that at this time of year, players will make a perfect snowman.

The perfect snowman will give you a seasonal DIY recipe and a Large snowflake every day until it melts. But on freshly made snow, it is easy to biff its proportions. The snowball will become bigger and bigger as you roll. Although the snowman produced is very cute, it is not perfect. So you can't get any rewards from it.

But don't worry, MMOWTS will show you how to make a perfect snowman effortlessly.

How to make a perfect snowman?

* First, you need to find the snowballs. If your airport gate is closed, you can find Snowballs in the village.

* Roll a snowball and roll it to the height of your character's eyes

* The second snowball should be as high as your character’s ears

* Roll the small snowball into the big one to make a snowman

Once successful, it will congratulate you, because you have made a perfect snowman, if it is still imperfect, you can repeat the above steps.

You can decorate your island with snowmen, and Christmas is coming, you can also consider decorating your island, any ACNH Items you need can be found here. And 2.0 Update also introduces a lot of new items, which undoubtedly improves Christmas this year to another level.

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