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Fallout 76: Wastelanders- The Easy Way To Farm Gold Bullion

Fallout 76: Wastelanders is the third major update since Fallout 76 was released. This update is a way for developers to introduce NPCs and NPC content into the game. The story takes place a year after the opening of Vault 76, many people migrated to Appalachia to find the treasures that are rumored to be hidden in the area. When people start to live in the area, players must make decisions and complete the main quests when tensions rise. Alliance and reputation are more important than before, affecting resources and purchasable items.

In addition to the new NPC factions, the update also introduces gold bullion, a new form of game currency that allows players to purchase new and unique items for their camp. In order to start farming gold bullion, players need to complete the main questline of Wastelanders, Hunter for Hire. This quest helps the player become acquainted with the new factions of treasure hunters in the area, new currency and new content. Charisma, perception, and strength can all help this quest be completed. After completing these quests, players can buy gold bullion from Smiley. You can find him in the Wayward bar. After completing the main questline, the player will receive 500 gold bullion.

How to farm gold bullion

There are two main ways to obtain gold bullion. Players can buy gold bullion from Smiley or collect treasury notes.

Smiley immigrated to Appalachia with the sole purpose of selling gold bullion to settlers. Due to his limited inventory, Smiley can only sell 300 gold bullion to players a week in the game, and he will sell 50 gold bullions with 1000 Fallout 76 Bottle Caps.

The second way is to complete the daily faction quests from settlers and raiders, or public events, because these will reward players with treasury notes. Public events can give players with 2-4 treasury notes according to the difficulty of the event. Complete as many public events as possible every day to reach the upper limit of treasury notes issuance. Once the player has as many quests and public events as possible, they will leave with full pockets. These treasury notes can be converted into a gold press machine to earn gold bullion.

Like Smiley, this gold press machine also has a limit. It can provide 200 gold bullion to one person per day, which means that players can earn 1,400 gold bullion from the gold press machine every week.

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