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ACNH: How To Unlock All Golden Tools?

In ACNH, if you want to get a golden tool, then you need to make a certain amount of effort. Golden tools last longer than other low-tier tools, so if you are looking for better tools, then you should try golden tools. Of course, the fastest way to get them is to buy ACNH Items from MMOWTS. You can get any Golden Tools, even more than the types of tools introduced next.

MMOWTS gives specific steps for unlocking gold tools, including a golden shovel, golden axe, golden bug net, golden rod, and golden slingshot. Although New Horizons’ golden tools are breakable, they still have higher durability. In ACNH, each tool will be unlocked after completing a specific task. After that, you can use 1 standard version of the tool and 1 gold nugget to craft each tool.

How to unlock all Golden Tools?

Golden Axe

Once you break the 100 standard axes, then you will automatically learn the recipe of the golden axe.

Golden Rod

To unlock the Golden Rod, you need to catch all 80 fish in the game. The next day, you will receive the rod recipe.

Golden Net

You need to catch all 80 bugs in the game, and the next day, you will receive the Golden Net formula.

Golden Shovel

After you dig up Gulliver’s Communicator Parts 30 times, you will receive the Golden Shovel recipe via email.

Golden Slingshot

You need to destroy 300 balloons. After that, you will see a golden balloon with the recipe of the slingshot.

Because each standard tool has about 30 uses, this means you need to use at least 10 standard slingshots to get this.

Golden Watering Can

To unlock this Golden Watering Can, you need to get your island approval to 5 stars.

If you need any help during the game, you can always come to MMOWTS to find it, whether they are ACNH Bells, Nook Miles Tickets, or ACNH Items.

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