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Watch Out! Annoying Villagers In Animal Crossing New Horizons

In Animal Crossing New Horizons, you'll often meet villagers, around 400, each of which can be invited to your island and help you complete tasks. Surely, most of villagers are very friendly, but you'll still meet some annoying ones, so be watch out.

EloiseNo one likes impolite villagers, will they? Eloise is unpopular among players, it is a cute yellow elephant, but because it is too arrogant to abuses other villagers, especially when new players join the conversation. So when you encounter it, it is easier to become angry.

RocketShe is a pink gorilla and will not hurt or offend anyone, on the contrary, her excessive help to the players will hurt themselves.

BaroldHe is very lazy, and will not do anything except monitor you. Someone found that there is a huge wall of security monitors in Barlod's dwelling, it seems that he is spying on everyone else on the island. In order to prevent their secrets and privacy from being discovered, no players want to see Barold.

As far as I am concerned, no village on the islands of Animal Crossing New Horizons is evil, but some of them have unique personalities, especially some arrogant ones are hard to be liked, so be kind.

Animal Crossing New Horizons has always been a casual game, there are no bad guys in it, every villager could help you complete various tasks, they are very friendly, so you can invite the villagers to your islands, up to 10.

On, you could get the most help to play the game better, it has a wealth of professional knowledge to serve you well.

Here, it sells the virtual currency, Animal Crossing Bells, which is an effective way to avoid duplication of labor. You don't need to stay on the island every day, but do some interesting things in it.

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