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Genshin Impact Guide: The Location Of Anemo Hypostasis And The Way Of Defeating It

The attraction of Genshin Impact is its mysterious world, so when you encounter some powerful enemies, it makes sense. There are a series of deadly enemies in the game, which you need to face. Many enemies appear in the main story, and other enemies are wandering around the world, looking for something to fight. If you want to have some challenges, you can participate in some difficult battles, and you have to fight against different bosses.

So far, some of the toughest and most unique boss battles are against the Hypostasis. These condensed-energy balls use special armor to block your' attacks. At the same time, they use different elements to dish out damage. One of them is Anemo Hypostasis, which will use Anemo to attack you. So how should you respond? This guide will tell you the specific way.

The location of Anemo Hypostasis

Anemo Hypostasis is located in Mondstadt. In the northern part of Mondstadt, Anemo Hypostasis awaits you in the Stormbearer Mountains. So you need to go there, and then you will see an arena where Anemo Hypostasis exists, as long as you get close to it, you can start a fight.

Anemo Hypostasis will be a long and arduous fight, but once you defeat it, you will get rich rewards. Not only can you gain Adventure experience and some items, but also materials for upgrading Anemo-based characters.

The best characters to deal with it

For Anemo Hypostasis, you'd better not use the Traveler or other Anemo characters. Because their special attacks do not dish out much damage. So the following heroes are good choices.

Fischl: As one of the best characters in the game, her ranged attacks can perfectly hit the core. Her Electro abilities can be well combined with other attacks.

Amber: Her long-range fire attacks and Fischl's Electro attacks are a perfect match, which will deal a lot of damage to Hypostasis.

Diluc: As a 5-star hero loved by players, his ability is beyond doubt. He can well combine the damage of Fischl Overload. In addition, having him and other fire users will increase the damage by 25%.

Mona: She is one of the most powerful mages in Genshin Impact, and her AOE Hydro special is impressive. Combine her with the other three characters, and you can also dish out Electro-Charged or Vaporized states effects.

How to defeat it

Anemo Hypostasis has many different abilities, and can regain hit points when it is close to death. So, if you want to defeat it, you still need to spend some time and energy. The following is its attack modes:

Crystalfly: Its first attack is to transform into a vast Crystalfly. And launch Anemo guts below. If you are standing right down at this moment, there is no doubt that you will be knocked down immediately. So, you need to dodge or, when it transforms, its core will fall to the ground, seize the opportunity and attack the core.

Clap: Anemo transformation will pull its armor back before smashing it back together. At this time, you should dodge back and then rush in to attack the core or you use ranged attacks.

Vacuum: Anemo Hypotasis will rush to you and launch its armor around you. This is to suck you to the core. So, during this time, you can stand in a circle and attack it as much as possible. However, eventually a violent Anemo attack will appear. Therefore, you need to be cautious at all times. The best way is to attack it a few times and then dodge, or you stand on the edge of the circle and shoot at it.

Tornado: Hypostasis is completely immune before the end of the attack, so you should pay attention to avoiding attacks from it. It will launch tornadoes to you, although it can cause a lot of damage, the move is very slow, you can focus on this weakness and keep moving! Waiting for the moment the core falls from the sky, you can directly attack the core. Or wait for a gust of wind around the arena, through which you can collect nearby Anemo orbs!

Shockwave: If you fail to collect all the orbs in time, you will face the shockwaves emitted from the remaining floating orbs. You can jump them over when they come, or ride the gusts of wind to avoid them.

If you can collect everything, Anemo Hypostasis will go down forever. This is all the information about Anemo Hypostasis, hope to help you defeat it successfully.

Now that you have mastered the method to defeat it, if you can have a 5-star hero to participate in this battle, it will greatly shorten your battle time and increase the chance of success. If you do not have enough luck to meet a 5-star hero, then go to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts. This must be the fastest way, and as the game develops, some 5-star heroes may become increasingly rare. So it is lucky to have Genshin Impact Accounts as early as possible.

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