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Genshin Impact: How To Stop The Tatarasuna Electro Thunderstorm?

When you first arrive at Tatarasuna on Inazuma, you may wonder how to stop Electro thunderstorms. You can explore and complete quests on Tatarasuna during the thunderstorm, this may make the exploration more challenging, but don’t worry, MMOWTS will tell you the specific way to stop the thunderstorm.

To end the thunderstorm and gain the free range of Mikage Furnace, you need to complete the 7 daily world quests of the Tatara Tales questline. You need to complete the following quests so that you can end this thunderstorm.

How to start the Tatara Tales questline?

To open the Tatara Tales questline, you need to go to Kujou Encampment and talk to Toranosuke or Miyuki. To this end, the initial series of quests were completed upon arrival in Inazuma.

How to complete the Tatara Tales quests?

There are 8 quests in the Genshin Impact story, and you can only complete one per day (except the first two). Tatara Tales is the first quest, by approaching Kujou Encampment and witnessing two NPCs arguing. After you ask about the character, you will be sent to perform various kill and observation quests. After completing you will get 50 Primogems, 40000 Mora, 4 Adventure’s Wit, and 4 Enhancement Ores.

Quest 2 - Tatara Tales: Priority Investigation

You can talk to Xavier and he will ask you to place 3 beacons. After completion, you will receive 20 Primogems and 25,000 Mora.

Quest 3 - Tatara Tale: Purification Device

This is similar to the previous quest. Talk to Xavier again, collect 3 Crystal Marrows, and then return to him to finish. After completing you will get 20 Primogems and 25,000 Mora.

Quest 4 - Tatara Tales: Data Collection

Talk to Xavier and retrieve the 3 beacons placed by the traveler in the Priority Investigation quest. After completing the quest, talk to Xavier to get 20 Primogems and 25,000 Mora.

Quest 5 - Tatara Tales: Process is Everything

Talk to Xavier and take a photo of this situation at Mikage Furnace. These two photos should be named ‘Somewhat Clear Image’ and ‘Rather Foggy Image’. The rewards obtained are the same as in the previous quest.

Quest 6 - Tatara Tales: Functional Test

Includes 3 Onikabuto collected for Xavier. As long as you follow the same process, you will get the same rewards as the previous quests.

Quest 7 - Tatara Tales: Final Preparations

After talking with Xavier, collect nearby planks, then investigate and repair 3 paths on the map. Report to Xavier to get 30 Primogems and 30,000 Mora.

Quest 8 - Tatara Tales: The Last Act

This quest may take a long while, but the map will always indicate the next destination, including obtaining the missing components, defeating Fatui, activating the Purification Device, and finally reporting to Toranosuke.

After completing the quest, the storm at Tatarasuna will disappear, and you can explore as much as you want without the threat of thunder striking them down. MMOWTS will provide more Genshin Impact-related game guides in the future, and version 2.1 is coming soon, new playable characters will also appear in the game, then you can also come to MMOWTS to buy Genshin Impact Accounts with them.

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